Journal Entries

To Know Someone Who Knows Someone

The door is open and the chilly overcast day gently floats into the living room, brightening the wood floors and the debris from the twenty-somethings chaos.

This past week, I’ve been remembering why I moved to San Francisco and how there is so much potential magic for wanderlusting, soul-searching young adults like me.

I was visiting someone who the last time I saw, was not sure how his life will turn out since he came to San Francisco on a whim without a plan. He is now living on a couch in an old hole in the wall apartment above a bustling market in Chinatown surviving off of $2 juggling lessons he offers to the public near Pier 39.

His life is so unusual and charming. There are a lot of those type of lives being lived out here. It’s so easy to know someone who knows someone and do something in a place that is filled with people and possibilities. It’s the place where things you thought only happened in movies and books happens. Being around him and my friend, who is a nomadic musician, made me want to escape the 9-5 conventional world and live a life knowing that there is no limit to how to live one’s life, especially because this is the best place to do it! It’s a risk to stray from the beaten path because you don’t have anyone to follow but yourself.

I don’t know if I’ll ever really escape convention but that openness is something that I took away with me. And so I told them I always wanted to sing in a band and luckily enough they called a friend and the next day I was singing along with a banjo, guitar, and a violin player in a hip house with a giant black tour bus parked in front.

So keep your door open, you never know who you may know who knows someone.


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