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FedEx Guy

Usually going on errands is not the most exciting thing to do in the world, but going to FedEx today was unexpectedly awkward and not boring at all! This petite, bright-eyed and eager-to-please employee offered some help with the copy machine that had a USB port, which was really not that difficult to use. What made it difficult was multitasking talking to him while trying to press buttons accurately. He then admired my orange watch and said I must get plenty of Vitamin C from just wearing it. I told him it lights up too and he got so excited. Apparently he had been searching for a watch that lights up to help time him when he takes pictures of the stars. He then told me that he wanted to show me something and ran to the back of the store. He came back with a homemade wooden camera turning device and said he could send me pictures of the stars if I would like.


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