Children Stories


Once upon a time there was a merman named Cornelius who had a beloved singing squid named Squiggles. Every night, Squiggles would sing Cornelius to sleep. There was one night, however, that Squiggles decided to go on an adventure while Cornelius was sleeping.
“What was that?!” exclaimed Jasper after having his early morning hermit crab search interrupted by a song that bubbled up from the water. He peered into a little pool created by ocean rock and found a little red squid staring back at him. Right away, Jasper could tell that they were going to be friends.
Squiggles was excited to meet a new friend and to explore the world outside the ocean. His joy made so much melody. He followed Jasper everywhere!
One day, Jasper brought Squiggles to school and showed his friends all the amazing tricks he could do. Squiggles music made everyone happy and everyone’s happiness made Squiggles sing. It was a very good day.
One evening, Jasper took Squiggles with him to a restaurant with his big sister. Jasper learned that there were things about the non-ocean world that would be hard to explain to Squiggles.
“I wonder where Squiggles is. He has been gone a long time. It’s time to call him home,” thought Cornelius.
Cornelius stepped over to his glass elevator and pressed the button for the 956 floor.
Up on the cloud, Cornelius could see the whole coastline and there, in a neighboring park, was a teeny-tiny floating red speck.
Jasper and Squiggles were spending time together on the grass, when Squiggles heard something very familiar gently drifting down from the sky. He unknowingly slowly started to drift toward it.
Squiggles was soon high up in the air and the song was getting louder!
It was Cornelius! What a wonderful surprise! Cornelius missed Squiggles and was very happy Squiggles was safe. They sat together, making beautiful music sail away in the sky.

One thought on “Squiggles

  1. Cornelius and squiggles mean to each other through music and that’s the way they got it made. I wish this would happen to most of us too.

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