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Aviator Glasses

You don’t need a pick up line.

All you need are some aviator glasses.

A captain.

A pilot.

A stoic.

A laugh in the face of danger.

A survivor.

A fighter.

A protector.

A flyer.

An explorer.

An adventurer.

I’ll fly with you anywhere.

We can both wear a pair.

And we won’t have a care,

Because we are strong and free.

And no one can read you or me.

We are a mystery behind our hazel lenses.

Natural and bronze-y,

Sandy tan and manly.

Wild and serious,

Makes everyone so curious.

You’re a hot day in the desert.

Melting me without a single word.

So cool and classy,

A motorcycle ride through the valley.

Golden grand canyon sunset,

Eagle cry heard overhead,

This is a dream I won’t forget.

A moment so sweet and soft.

You look at me, I look at you.

Slowly, I take the lenses off…

But alas,

The dream is lost.


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