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A Squirrel’s Warning

“Move!” says a squirrel throwing nuts, twigs, leaves, pine-cones, whatever he could find at the oblivious girl who sat down eating her lunch under his tree.

“Get out of of here!” but the girl just kept eating.

A leaf fell on her sandwich. She picked it up and tossed it aside. She heard squirrel chatter but couldn’t see where it was coming from, but she did see two girls playing on the monkey bars. One girl flipped her whole body around, the other tried to follow. The girl under the tree thought, “I want to do that!”

“But I’m scared. I’ll dislocate my shoulder. They make it seem easy though. I probably shouldn’t. It’s not worth getting hurt. I’m safer here just eating my food.”

Another leaf fell next to her. She thought, “Why are all these leaves falling around me? Maybe they are falling everywhere else also. It’s fall. That’s what fall does, make leaves fall in your food.”

A twig fell on her shoulder. She looked up and saw leaves shuffling and a fluffy tail flicking about.

“That’s funny, maybe he wants my sandwich. Too bad squirrel, you have a better chance if you come down here and stop dropping leaves on me!”

She took a bite of her sandwich and in the distance she heard a man yell, “FOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT!!!!” behind her. She looked back and saw that there were two men with golf clubs standing near two parked golf carts and a golf ball flying right by her face.

“I told you to move,” said the squirrel. “The other girl wasn’t so lucky.”

Scared and relieved the girl thought it was a good time to move and maybe try out those monkey bars.


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