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If I’m lucky

Altruism, compelled by goodness

Feeling what someone else feels, empathy, caring about their feelings, appreciating who they are and their truth and reality

Joy of someone’s presence, happiness caused by something or someone’s existence, feeling joy when you see a person feeling joy or happiness

Wanting to spread happiness, health, life to others, wanting the best for someone, making sacrifices for someone with sincerity, willingness, and positivity

Secure and confident even if the person leaves you or finds someone else, your love keeps you invincible

Self-less without being a martyr, relaxed and comfortable

Companionship, home, understanding, deep understood trust

Playful, expects nothing back but fills itself, self-sustaining

It’s contagious, open and freeing, makes everyone into better people, allows people to use their full potential

Exchanging strength and willpower, empowering and advocating others

A guiltless, fearless, burden-less, subconscious drive to do good deeds because you care about things beyond yourself, making you feel alive

Positive regard without pedestals or infatuations or projections

It’s a quiet, deep, soft, strong, pervasive feeling

It’s honest but kind, reaching and joining, validating and exploring.


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