Drawings · Poems

The Planet of Purple Leaves


I escape in a sprint,

away from the planet of purple leaves.

I spent centuries there,

lost in a dark forest following a melody,

a faint song I thought may one day take me home.

Now I am running toward the sun,

giving up on that illusive, mysterious dream.

Heart swinging in and out of the shadows,

I heave myself through the thick moody mud,

through the aching, watery-filled air.

I push through.

The atmosphere rips past my face. It stings, cold as ice.

I’m free.

Floating in the quiet.

But the memory still haunts me, longing for what I will never find.

Slowly I feel it, a warm and peach colored glow.

I turn around and see

thousands of  stars surrounding my new found home.


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