Life’s Love Song

To be there, it’s a nice feeling.
Endearment for someone who mattered and always will.

It was a moment, a richly cleansing one
That made music, the park, couples, kids brighter.
It all made me start dancing again.

Was this what he was talking about?
Was this the deeper part we’re all hoping for?

All those songs, talking about love and romance.
Those singers, were they feeling, trying to reach that deeper part?
Their emotions are enough for me, I swear.
I feel it more with them and their sound than on my own with my own loves and love stories.
I question and wonder.
Is it a silly trap? An escape?
There must be something more than loving you or another you or someone, anyone.

A boy taking pictures of a girl with cheeks, homely and radiant.
He’s focused on her, she’s beautiful.
In her vintage dress by the bridge and the swing.
She’s happy.
She smiles at me.

A group of young boys kick a ball around laughing.
A father races his daughter across the grass.

I beg to differ.
Humans like me are too smart for our own good.
We try to look for the deeper part,
But it’s everywhere.

Life’s affection grows on trees and milkshakes,
On children’s hands and picnic blankets,
On dining room tables and open roads.

Whether it’s between two loved dreamers,
The flower and sun,
The parent and child,
The light and the window,
The homeless and the city,
The moon and the ocean,
Or the atom and the universe.

It’s already there, it’s everywhere and it will always be there.
And at times it’s too good to us, to me.
We try to be clever so we don’t get hurt, so it won’t let go of us.
We try to make it stronger, we try to get more, we try to make it last.
We try to keep it safe but then the flower dies, the child screams,
And the heart breaks.

The trees, the hands, they hurt. They burn.
Red glowing fingerprints are left all over me
And it’s only while the fingers are touching me that I get a sense of relief.

I collect these mark and push them into my hands, holding them.
They are safe now, within me and what I do.
They are a part of me. Beautifully glowing red and warm.
Flowing in my veins, my brains, and out my throat,
Into the notes of life’s love song.

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