Children Stories

Hot Cocoa Day

The rain pitter pattered on the roof just the way I liked it as I drew pictures of mazes and dragons. Today would be my cocoa day! It was a known fact that when it rained hard enough to make a pitter patter sound that you can even hear on the first floor while dad snored it’s time for cocoa, the best treat in the world.

The front door opened. My mom stepped into the house and closed her giant dripping umbrella and kicked off her green rain boots.

“It’s really coming down out there, Henry! Phew! So glad to be inside in the cozy house with my favorite kid,” she said as she sat next to me on the couch.

“It would be even better with some cocoa!” I said.

“You’re absolutely right, Henry! Maybe along with a game of Shoots and Ladders?”

“Yeah! Shoots and Ladders and cocoa!” I said.

“I’ll go wake up your dad to see how he’s doing and if he wants to join us,” she said as she left to go to the computer room.

I was really excited for cocoa and Shoots and Ladders but knew I had to wait. I decided to go back to my drawing but something strange happened. The dragon! It was gone.

I looked at all my drawings and saw that all the dragons had disappeared! Was I going crazy? I flipped the drawings in all directions, frontwards, backwards, upside down. The dragons were still not there. I looked all over the couch, took off pillows and cushions. They weren’t there either.

“Henry, what are you doing? Having fun over there? Make sure you put all the pillows and cushions back the way you found them,” mom said.

I put the cushions and pillows back still feeling very confused about the dragons. I wondered if I should tell my mom.

“Uh oh, looks like we’re out of cocoa powder. That’s odd. Sorry Henry. We can have tea instead if you like.”

She looked at me and saw me sitting on the floor looking down. My dad came in overhearing the cocoa news.

“You know, Henry, I am actually planning to go to the store. I could pick up some cocoa powder while I’m there,” he said squatting down to me.

I smiled and hugged him before he left into the drizzling world.

At least the cocoa problem will be solved. That was a close one. Now it’s time for the dragon mystery to be solved one way or another.

“Mom if you were a dragon where would you go?” I said.

“Hmm, that’s an interesting question. I suppose I would go wherever there’s magic and treasure,” she said.


“Because that’s where they feel at home. They can feel their imaginations like you can when they’re home.”

I knew that dragons liked caves and gold from stories so maybe they went somewhere like that. Maybe they were not in the house at all.

I went up to my room to do some dragon research with my picture books to see if I can figure out anything more about this mystery. I was confused to see that my door was closed. I never closed my door. I opened it and was shocked by what I saw.

There were three dragons in my room! Each was the size of a large turkey and they sat in a circle; a purple one on my bed, a yellow one on the floor, and a green one at my desk. All were holding a mug, a mug of hot cocoa!

The purple one had feathers on his head that moved as he stretched his neck in surprise. Slowly they all started to walk towards me. I froze not knowing what they would do if I moved or spoke. When they were less than a foot away from me they sat and lowered themselves. Timidly I reached out toward the purple dragon. I was afraid he would bite or breathe fire at me but instead he bowed his head and closed his eyes. He was waiting to be petted.

Behind the dragons I noticed my drawings were scattered around the room. They were looking through them. Maybe they were looking for something.

Just then all the lights turned off. The power was out! This is truly a very special cocoa day. The dragons’ scales and feathers glowed like night lights.

“Henry? Are you okay? I’m going to fix the power in the backyard if you need me,” called out my mom from downstairs.

I walked to the top of the stairs.

“I’m fine mom. I have a flashlight,” I said looking at the purple, green, and yellow light glowing from my room.

I walked back to my room and saw the dragons gathered at my bedroom window sipping on their cocoa.

“Hreee! Hreee!” the yellow one squeaked.

“Sheesssh! Sheesssh!” the purple one whispered.

“Teeesh! Teeesh!” the green one sang.

Slowly they each made noise. The space between the dragons’ calls got smaller, smaller. Henry realized their song sounded familiar. It sounded like the rain.


Henry walked toward the window and was amazed by what he saw. The rain was glowing with colors! Purple, green, yellow! He went outside in it and was covered with color. His dad’s car pulled up into the driveway and Henry saw it was covered in color too.


The dragons stopped singing and they all turned their head toward me. They saw my mom and dad peeking through the crack of my bedroom door.

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “They’re friendly,” I smiled at my parents.

My parents walked gently into my room and crowded next to me on the floor. We looked up at the glowing dragons perched next to the moonlit window. The yellow one pointed to my desk. There were three new mugs of hot cocoa.

As I got up to go to my desk I noticed a drawing. It was drawing I didn’t draw. There was a lady, a man, and a little boy with glasses sitting on the floor of a bedroom drinking cocoa. It was us!

Softly, the dragons began to sing again. I sat with my family as we listened to them. Their glow began to get and dimmer and dimmer until we could not see them and soon their singing got softer and softer until we could not here it any longer. After a moment I got up to look at the picture. There was now a purple, green, and yellow dragon near the window along with the family in the bedroom. They were in the picture with us.

“Do you think they found their magic and treasure?” I asked my mom.

“I think we all did, Henry,” she said as we drank our cocoa and listened to the rain.


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