At Home

Worshiping the new apartment,

baptizing it with homemade lasagna,

Reminiscing being eighteen and dreaming

of art and nostalgia.


Memories shine bright as we still believe

in summer nights.

Hanging onto balconies

and downtown streetlights.


Make yourself at home,

warm dogs curled at your feet,

Imagination left to roam,

seeing life from the backseat.


Not seeing the world’s confines,

letting neon possibilities seep,

Openness and a subtle sigh,

the music notes we seek.


Synchronicity in our ties,

crossed paths take a sip,

Reuniting with our simple times of

music, tea and friendship.


The delta gently breathes,

soft spoken and mellow,

Stretching our sweatshirts,

knees hidden in a pillow.


Our home town in a landscape blanket,

night cruising and dancing in a feeling,

Growing up with time travel and pancakes,

We take the long way home and drink it.


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