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That One Day at IKEA

Walking a lot in flipflops
As everyone shops
Blisters forming
From the chaos
Patience and integrity
Slowly untying
Decision knots
So many options
So tired and lost
Whatever, flip a coin
Let’s get the one
With the lowest cost
But no
It’s there
That purple feeling is in the air
I feel it, soft and subtle
The right decision floats elusively
Like a bubble
Okay it’s clear
We need to get the one that’s here!
Everyone, we got the cart
My steering is a wild form of martial art
So heavy, collapsing and crawling
As we go up the step
Caught between the floor and
The heavy wood on my head
Yes, we made it atlast
Please, mother said
Let me drink something sweet
Pour champagne in my glass!


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