Photos · Poems

Our Own

Reading poems late into the night
Reading more upon waking
Under the full moon
In the morning sun
Savoring each of them
Feeling the weight of each word
Remembering the life around them
Celebrating the moments we shared
The feelings they cherish and reveal
Cherishing me and the world I see
Seeing what I notice, what I celebrate
And feeling it again with me
Feeling that world and
Being part of that magical place
Sharing my sanctuary
Diving into photos, discovering details
Savoring the sunsets and parks
The daydreams between the seams
Realizing we never fully saw them
The hazy pinks and soft questions
The fireflies in the jar
Truth glowing like stars
Never got the chance to escape into them
But here now on the couch, in the covers
In the warmth of your intrigue
In the affection of your curiosity
We feel the colors and words come to life
Releasing them, watching them fly
As if they belong to someone else
As if they belong to another world
Another universe
Far from our own


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