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 Jumping, darting, skipping along
Speed and weightlessness
No heavy weight dragging me
Light with no inertia
Casual and free
Thrill and novelty
Fascination, infatuation, fantasy
Dream big, dream wide
Dream again a different life
Never having, never owning
Never reading more than the cover
Never getting more than the intro
Whisked away, forever on the loose
Exhilaration, “Oh, now I know!
I should do this!”
One day and ever since
Putting it on the to do list
Watch it grow moss
See the mold and cobwebs
Watch it turn to dust
A mockery, an indignant laugh
At the past, at my faith, at my belief
Lust, passion, how far removed are you now?
How many nipped rose buds
Can you count on the ground?
Do I like this?
Or do I just don’t know how
To sink when I dive
To stop my body from rising out
The waves and water push me back
Every millionth time I try
But I try again
To pull me down, pull me through
Commit through the bookends
Carrying the rock of my own I.O.U.
But wanting to disintegrate it
Before reaching the depths of dark blue
Maybe the rock needs to be something else
Something true
Something I don’t know
Maybe I need to wait before jumping
To find the weight of something
I could never let go


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