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Haven’t drawn for a very long time. I recently watched Frozen again and not that it’s my favorite Disney movie, but seeing the reactions of all the kids watching it and feeling the love that they had for the all characters made me realize the beautiful power that animation can have. How would it be like to know that you made the best friend or hero for thousands of children and inspired magic in so many lives? Hearing them laugh or cry with your characters or talk about your characters way after the movie is done. 

That seems incredible.

Also, imagine the process of bringing to life this personality. What would it be like to have a vision of who a character is and knowing how the shape of the nose can make all the difference? Imagine collaborating with other people to express this character through the character’s setting, lighting, music, all knowing that these little details impact this little character and how the audience is going to emotionally respond when watching the character in action.

That seems pretty cool. A lot of talent, a lot of passion, a lot of hardwork, and a lot of rewarding friendships in the making.

So I started drawing again, inspired by these feelings and ideas about animation. 

And here’s a little doodle I did last night!


It all started with the shoes…I really want her shoes. Look how confident she looks! Not to mention her dress, which makes her look pretty powerful in an 80’s superhero slightly scifi cheerleader way. She also seems ethnically ambiguous which was a great surprise to realize afterward.

Well thanks for reading! I would love to see what drawings capture the heart of why you love drawing or animation! Maybe it will inspire me to draw more!


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