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Your Space In This Place


Play on, the world is yours to experience
Feel, see, do, rest
Cuddle up in a warm blanket
Relax in the sun
Walk around for a bit
Make sure you are having fun

Simplicity is bliss
There’s nothing you need to do
Move with an eye for exploration
Let your senses awaken
Gravitate toward joy and novelty
Let your body and spirit live honestly
Find your space in this place
At a leisurely pace
Your life has always just begun
Your life is there
When you’re ready to serenely hum


3 thoughts on “Your Space In This Place

    1. Thank you so much Lisa Martin! I checked out your blog and wanted to say EFT is so interesting! My SO used it for his allergies but it seems even more suited for emotional regulation. How has it been working for you? Looks like you have been appreciating its positive affects.

      1. Hi
        EFT works very well for me. I use it every day. I use it for every emotion I have, like anger, sadness or even feeling not enough. It really helps. ;0)

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