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Winter Sunlight

Hey, it’s okay
There’s sun in December
You can find a way out
Feel that life, that air
You can fly
Your heart has wings
They lift your feet
And you can float in the glimmering light
Cheerful sparkling magic all around
Wake up, feel it now
Reach for it
Ignore the shadows that trail behind
Pull away, follow the light
Follow the joy
Let yourself feel more than alright
It’s so bright
Why not believe in this wonderful sight

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Listen to Your Heart

What does your heart sound like
Does she sound like moonlight?
Soft and cool, silent and peaceful?
Or does she sound like spring?
Warm and sweet, delicate and soft?
What does your heart sound like?
Is she telling you what to do?
Or is she shyly waiting in the corner?
Hands in her lap.
Does she speak in words or in thoughts?
Or does she speak in drifting waves that make you smile?
What does your heart sound like?

Keep listening.


Lost Poems from High School: Cliff Jumpers

Standing proud on cliffs, they
jump into the clouds attempting to float
above hopes and wishes.
They strive to be like gods, distant from their
desires, but they are spellbound in stiff coats.
Fake fire cracking stars, burning too much to be
anything more than cliff jumpers jumping for
the sake of risking survival.
Forlorn like a card game in a spaceship with
the darkness all around, they sink.
The alien t.v. mutters and spits excitement, spitting
words, junky prizes, and equipment for their disguises.
They play games with their far away dreams, sometimes
dipping back in the clouds, struggling to aspire to higher
atmosphere where the air is clear.
If they push they will come through, but if
they’re too tired, they can give up
and be forgiven.

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Like Lightning

Too long not chasing this bright pulse
Too long avoiding the rain
Ride this storm out
Ride it out
You and me
Connected in a flowing ever changing web
Of molecules and experiences
Coincidences that never stop
A deep unknowing
A vague understanding
We feel it out
We swim it through
Captivated by what we must do
We chase then hide
Curling up, sleeping it away
And suddenly we feel the kick start
Of our beating heart
And hope it isn’t too late
To seize this breathing wonder
Before all our fireflies drift away
Wondering if it’ll ever be okay
Wondering if it’ll all be alright
Wondering if I’m awake enough
To embrace the space
Between the earth and sky
And strike a little light in the world tonight.

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Hold You There

And it takes your breath away
Just before dropping
You dare to hold on
The rush of wind in your lungs
Freeing you from yourself
Letting it all go
Utterly alive
Utterly terrified
And flying
Feeling your heart flutter and race
As you plunge in the wonder of this vast abyss
The sparkling deep blue
Flowing up and down
Together and forever
Over and under
Sharing you there
Swooping, diving
I’ll hold you there
In the embrace of the night sky
Your spirit elevated
As light as a tear
I’ll hold you there
In our one and only time here

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Choices left and right
Ultimately it’s up to you
It’s always up to you
You wonder if you could go back
If you don’t like the road you choose
Would you really have nothing to lose?
Looking down the great unknown
Curious, scared
You’re going far from home
All the people, places you like
Will be far from sight
You try to keep the feelings near
Letting the memories you cherish
Comfort you here
Can you always find home?
A refuge in your heart
When you are alone
Facing your fears in the dark?
You know, you don’t have to
You don’t have to leave
You don’t have to live this way
You could stay
You could never know
What’s beyond the sweetness of home
You could wonder
What you are capable of
And dream of things you’ll never do
You could be in a limbo
Between what’s comfortable
And what could strengthen you
But you’ll always wonder
What if you did it?
Where would you be?
What if you risked it
And felt more complete
What if you found
What you’re looking for
What if you discover
Another open door?

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Hold Steady

Trusting yourself
To overcome your own misgivings
The losses you can never prepare for
The tinting of your safe paradigm
You let yourself let go of the work of
Thinking, visualizing, apprehending
Distractedly multitasking
Half-living your experiences
With fears protruding
Under uncrossed bridges
They all bare their teeth at you
And you try to count them
And see the angle they’ll come from
So their bite won’t be a shock
Though you feel their hot breath
The hardest part is forgiving yourself
For not being aware enough
Smart enough
Sharp enough
Fast enough
For not having it all together
For not making a better choice
For not preventing this moment
For not having armor or resources
Self assuredness in a blur
Memory slurred
Thoughts in a flurry
Tension stirs
In those moments you look for action
With darting eyes
But humility and honesty are your only allies
Having courage to show your neck
And offer what you hold
When you hear your fears toll
They crawl to reach you, aging you
With every inch they control
Trusting yourself
To stand still and
Hold steady
Your golden soul