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Beauty and Noise

The smell of plastic wrap
And CD cases
Old linoleum floors
Under squeaky converse laces
Holding the song in my hands
Excited to listen whenever
Excited to discover more
No more elusive mysteries slipping in and out of coffee shop doors
What other emotions and atmospheric worlds are in store?
Curious to finally see the lyrics
Curious to see the pictures inside
Wondering who they are, how they look like
The faces that hide behind the voices that bring me to life

They pile in the corner of my room
4 sided symbols of the past and all that’s in between
Collecting who I am and where I’ve been
Collecting the heartaches and friendships
The phases, fads and memories
Songs holding our names, our identities
Classifying you and me
Bringing us together
Bringing us apart
An art that’s more than beauty and noise
An art that gave us freedom of choice

It was a culture, a definition, a destination
It was dance, it was image
It was clothes, it was language

It was an extension of what lay underneath
It was an extension of you and me

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Fact or Fiction

Listen to the fiction
Breathe in the wonder
Breathe under water
Waste your time
With the frivolousness of color
Feel the green
And value your emotion
Like your life is one big vacation
Feel the movement and commotion
Feel the story, the experience
The dance of coincidence
Turn the music on
With your imagination
And the magic of perception
Listen without information
Without thinking or comparison
Let go of productivity
Let go of the accomplishment
Of being busy
Let go of what you think you need
And value your capacity
To dream and swim
To stop time and dive straight in
The meaningful tapestry
Of being human

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The Red Ribbon


Night music
Drifting with a stranger
Feeling a slight sense of beautiful danger
Trust feels so exciting
The world is expanding
Smiling at the unknown
Dancing, feeling connected
Swept away
The world expanding
Space fills you
Surrounds you, holds you
The night air is filled with light
Stars in the sky
High dreams bouncing, filling
Reverberating everything
So much to keep in, so much to let go
Soaking in the wind
Ribbons drifting
Soft, fast and flowing
Feeling alone
Savoring the joy, sharing momentarily
Wherever, whatever frees you
Moving steadily
Sharing a mystery from afar
Curiosity, unraveling
The wind loosening
Letting free the red ribbon
Into the night air


Making the Day’s Music

I took a walk
It was a long awaited walk
The day was happy of my return
“You’re back!” she cried, “You’re alive again!”

The world became visible to me
So clear, so full of green and blue
Details and shadows so radiant and crisp
I could listen to what was seen
I could hear the smiles and dreams

The freshmen girls in the corner
Setting up camp at the window booths
Bonding and sharing, a campfire in the taqueria
Stretching cheese from their quesadillas
Dangling their legs
Weaving the lace of coming of age

The faces of a mother and daughter
Sitting on a hilltop
Sitting on the edge of the world
Eyes full of wonder
Wheelchair wheels in the gravel
Listening to their endearments rest
On a bird in their circle

A little girl’s voice
Drifting out of a living room
Singing the words of her song
Being the hero of her story
Free in her world
Free in the glory
Free in a magical flurry

Uncanny and strange
How the world reveals itself
When I dust the curtains of my brain
Or oil the broken record in my bones
Visual music moving
Eyes unplugged, taking the frequencies in
Waves of light, waves of sound
Breaking the numbness, the barrier
Between my cloudy mosaic mind and the mirror
reflecting it all around.