Circa 2012

I went on a walk with Destiny to get outside of myself, my mind, my restlessness, do something good. I found a son grown into a young and thoughtful man helping his father put up Christmas lights. I felt his calm presence, so mature that I found myself feeling younger than him and wanting to model him by slowing down my pace, being mindful of Destiny and my breath and the world around me. I found a teenage girl playing basketball with a heavy set middle aged man with Down Syndrome. Reminded me when I felt my best, compassionate and responsible. I thought if I was in San Francisco I would somehow have the courage to talk to them. I felt so nosey. Were they related? Was she volunteering? I realized that even I wasn’t that close to my uncle or other adults in my extended family. I felt guilty.

A 6 year old brother and an 8 year old sister on bikes and scooters wanted to pet Destiny. They said how it was going to rain and were thinking how they’ll avoid walking in wet shoes all day since they don’t have rain-boots. I said how lucky they were to do art and write stories and how when they’re my age, they’ll look back at their old work and say, “Wow! I was such a cool kid because I made this!” Then the little boy said, “You can do it as an adult too. Just get some paper and a pencil” and that tomorrow it will be a perfect day because it will be raining. I said that will be great because I could draw and write a story about the squirrel who threw a leaf at me. The girl mentioned that a bird threw a rock at her which started a conversation about penguins using rocks to make their nests. The girl thought I was in high school but I told her I’m in college but I haven’t talked to kids for a while so I start to talk like a kid when I’m around them, which makes me seem younger. The girl smiled at this; the boy looked confused. It was so nice to get out of the box, out of my comfort zone, and into the world, being the person I want to be.


Beauty and Noise

The smell of plastic wrap
And CD cases
Old linoleum floors
Under squeaky converse laces
Holding the song in my hands
Excited to listen whenever
Excited to discover more
No more elusive mysteries slipping in and out of coffee shop doors
What other emotions and atmospheric worlds are in store?
Curious to finally see the lyrics
Curious to see the pictures inside
Wondering who they are, how they look like
The faces that hide behind the voices that bring me to life

They pile in the corner of my room
4 sided symbols of the past and all that’s in between
Collecting who I am and where I’ve been
Collecting the heartaches and friendships
The phases, fads and memories
Songs holding our names, our identities
Classifying you and me
Bringing us together
Bringing us apart
An art that’s more than beauty and noise
An art that gave us freedom of choice

It was a culture, a definition, a destination
It was dance, it was image
It was clothes, it was language

It was an extension of what lay underneath
It was an extension of you and me

Like Air

I used to hear silence
It used to fill me
With wonder and ancient fairy dust
I used to see, smell
The emotions of the sky and sea
I used to feel cradled
On a flying carpet
When looking out the window
Hearing the fog horn’s drone
A reminder of what I cannot know
I used to be unbridled and unlabeled
I used to feel I could go anywhere
Boundless with no obligation
I was like air
Carefree without a hurry
Naked knees light on their feet
Ready for flying
I was taken by the cypress
Dark and mysterious
The steel grey and ice blue
Like a wish foaming on the shore
Hoping to come true

From the View of a Stranger

These buildings are my old friends
These smells of warm rice and cool mist
Are my family
It’s a different city here
It feels so far removed
So many memories
Like a heartbreak

You Built Me

I’ve been busy
I’m so sorry
It’s still the same
I’m glad you came
Did you know
There’s something new
Had to grow
I thought of you

You built me
You built me
Things have changed
But you built me

Will they be
Close to me
Will I be who
I was with you
You changed me
I do what you do
Will they see
The person I knew

You built me
You built me
Things have changed
But you built me

Holding onto time
The sweetness of our prime
I feel a bit of shame
Like I’m the one to blame
For all the passing years
But let’s enjoy this day
And laugh ourselves to tears

You built me
You built me
Things have changed
But you built me

The Daily Prompt – Friend

Forever Grew

A new day, green and bright
Fresh with the greeting
Of crisp daylight
Mind relaxed, soft and open
Feeling the joy
Of your own emotion
Going outside, excited by life
Letting your kite touch the sky
Feeling amazed between blades of grass
A little world hidden by all who pass
Little do they know what stories unfold
Even when invisible or untold
Welcoming the glow of a dinosaur’s magic
Percolating through its nostalgic plastic
Coming home to a world you knew
A place where happiness forever grew


Light on the leaves
Beams through the trees
Footsteps gentle on the grass

Dreams blurring
Memories stirring
Subdued feelings in the landscape

Ghosts we knew
Walking with us as we grew
The cast of your life

They build the fields and mountains
The lands and gardens
Shaping your world with each step
Shaping your world with each pulse
Each breath

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