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Away From the Flame

Stories are like marshmallows
Burning in campfires
Goey, messy, tough to control
A dance between you and the world
Burning in ways you didn’t expect
But making it all stick together
All the rich layers that can be bitter or brittle
Or melt under a warm touch
Or stay strong and steady through the thick and thin
Each marshmallow to be seen as too burnt or too white
All of them striving for that perfect tan
That perfect vulnerability that doesn’t kill you with carcinogens
A thin layer strong enough to hold a soft gushing heart

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Fact or Fiction

Listen to the fiction
Breathe in the wonder
Breathe under water
Waste your time
With the frivolousness of color
Feel the green
And value your emotion
Like your life is one big vacation
Feel the movement and commotion
Feel the story, the experience
The dance of coincidence
Turn the music on
With your imagination
And the magic of perception
Listen without information
Without thinking or comparison
Let go of productivity
Let go of the accomplishment
Of being busy
Let go of what you think you need
And value your capacity
To dream and swim
To stop time and dive straight in
The meaningful tapestry
Of being human

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In Between

In between the confines of daily routine
Is the magic of human experience
Found in every song, book, and movie
The story of emotion
The way it feels underneath the skin
The world of an individual
Red blue and green
Filter through
The eyes of the mind
The integrity of the heart
No one ever knows the whole story
No one can see through
On the bus, in the grocery store
At school, in the office, on the streets
When brushing your teeth
Making your lunch
You only can see humans bleed
In their stories and melodies
The pulse and electricity
Muffled by uniforms and social roles
Hearing her voice
Hearing his scream
Seeing the silent face sitting
Right next to me
We are worlds apart
Worlds between