Lost Poems from High School: Cliff Jumpers

Standing proud on cliffs, they
jump into the clouds attempting to float
above hopes and wishes.
They strive to be like gods, distant from their
desires, but they are spellbound in stiff coats.
Fake fire cracking stars, burning too much to be
anything more than cliff jumpers jumping for
the sake of risking survival.
Forlorn like a card game in a spaceship with
the darkness all around, they sink.
The alien t.v. mutters and spits excitement, spitting
words, junky prizes, and equipment for their disguises.
They play games with their far away dreams, sometimes
dipping back in the clouds, struggling to aspire to higher
atmosphere where the air is clear.
If they push they will come through, but if
they’re too tired, they can give up
and be forgiven.


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