Lost Poems from High School: Good Weather

Sometimes good weather can make me sore
Ancient memories
Fade and reappear
With each passing day.
Histories of other peoples lives
Collide and find a home in me.
I feel like soaking in the moonlight
And breathing in all the dew drops
On this lonely hill.
I roll along in my dreams.
Every statement said
Makes a ripple effect in my head.
There’s a search light lost
Inside me focusing on
The detail I wish for so much.
Something was cut short
An important line or two
That I didn’t say or hear.
Disillusioned desires are
Crying, pining for
Something deeper
The pretty water and the smiling sky
They’re unsettling.
Why can’t I be satisfied with all that I see,
With all that I have?
My heart runs in place
As I watch the world accelerate


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