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Dizzy and stumbling
Trying to find the ground
After putting my world
In someone else’s hands.

Rising and falling
Back to reality
Not sure what to feel
What to do
Was it a dream?
Are you still there?
Where was I?
Are you anything more than a passerby?

Letting you go, pretending you’re not there
Doesn’t feel fair
I wonder what you’re feeling
If you feel any withdrawal at all
I wonder if any feeling I feel
Is real at all.

I don’t believe in my own longings
I fight myself all the time.
Out of sight out of mind
Walking around
Blinded by my feelings
Chasing your shadow.

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Like Lightning

Too long not chasing this bright pulse
Too long avoiding the rain
Ride this storm out
Ride it out
You and me
Connected in a flowing ever changing web
Of molecules and experiences
Coincidences that never stop
A deep unknowing
A vague understanding
We feel it out
We swim it through
Captivated by what we must do
We chase then hide
Curling up, sleeping it away
And suddenly we feel the kick start
Of our beating heart
And hope it isn’t too late
To seize this breathing wonder
Before all our fireflies drift away
Wondering if it’ll ever be okay
Wondering if it’ll all be alright
Wondering if I’m awake enough
To embrace the space
Between the earth and sky
And strike a little light in the world tonight.

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Hold You There

And it takes your breath away
Just before dropping
You dare to hold on
The rush of wind in your lungs
Freeing you from yourself
Letting it all go
Utterly alive
Utterly terrified
And flying
Feeling your heart flutter and race
As you plunge in the wonder of this vast abyss
The sparkling deep blue
Flowing up and down
Together and forever
Over and under
Sharing you there
Swooping, diving
I’ll hold you there
In the embrace of the night sky
Your spirit elevated
As light as a tear
I’ll hold you there
In our one and only time here

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The comfort of the morning sun
The familiar trees and homes in my neighborhood
It was you
The safety and comfort of you
You gave me joy and peace of mind
You inspired the soft voice that helps me rhyme
It’s feeling you there
Obliviously as I ride through my day
Not knowing you’re in the back of my heart and mind
Not knowing you’re deeply spread all around

I only know when the light has gone away
When I shiver from the cold
The blue shadows, the grey cement
The crying lonely ache

Sometimes they are still there
The sunlit creamy warm hues
The bright green leaves and shiny grass
I remember
A candle lit
Trying to survive
Shivering, flickering
Through the wind and rain
Bracing destruction and change
Without being hurt or slain
Letting the hot wax drip down my veins
Sometimes I remember

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Take Me

Take me to another place
Another moon, another dream
Another circle in space
Share your world with me
Take me on a journey
Show me different flavors
Of milk and honey
Let me hear a brand new song
One that paints the ceilings and lawns
I want to hear all your melodies
Not just the one on repeat
Or your top 40
I want to hear your story
The rollercoaster riding
Along your epic soundtrack
Your highs and lows
Dancing around the crack
The mesmerizing snowflakes
And puzzle pieces
The patterns that you recognize
The ones that only you can see
I want you to show me
The colors behind your eyes
The vibrations beneath your skin
The emotions you silently sing
Take me there
Show me everything

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Finding You

We used to sing together
Now all we can do
Is ride this rocky weather
Through the current
And cold wind
We can find each other
Pulling through to the end
Making it out of here
Seemingly alone
We confide in that
We do in fact have a home
Sing alone for now
And think of me
Give yourself strength
Through the reckless sea
I can find you
And reach for your hand
But until we find land
I will be dancing in
My memories of when
We used to sing freely
And wait patiently
Until we can sing again